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See how the Chinese capacitor industry is strong
Update: 2019/4/2

With the popularity of electronic information industry and the development of home appliances, from the beginning of 1980s China made colour TV, refrigerators, washing machines, included the development of machine, black and white television sets, household air conditioner, telephone, energy-saving lamps, VCD, DVD, computer, program-controlled switches and other, to improve the quality of life for every Chinese family. Our capacitor industry has also been an unprecedented development, from the quantity, quality and service to meet the needs of the development of the electronic equipment and household appliances, and promote the development of related materials industries, industry equipment and instrument industry, has become a global capacitor production big country.
one, the connotation of sustainable development will be different from the past
review history, after more than 20 years of struggle, China has become a global capacitor production, accounting for about 30% of the global total output. Due to the global economic recovery and the rapid development of China's information industry, the capacitor industry to continue to expand at the same time must be strong, strong and big, which is the core of the development of content change.
in electronic component chip process, resistor and capacitor lead. 2002, the Japanese resistor chip rate reached 98%, the ceramic capacitor chip rate of 80%, the tantalum capacitor chip rate in 2001 reached 99%; the United States resistance network chip rate of 41% in 2000. As for the inductor chip rate of Japan has reached more than 52% in 2002, 1998, the United States has reached 70%, and the signal circuit with the inductor chip rate has reached more than 80%; switch chip rate of more than 20%. 1999 Japanese ceramic filter chip rate of 19%, while the use of the cellular mobile communication device chip ceramic filter has accounted for 71%, temperature compensated crystal oscillator chip rate has more than 90%.

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