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Capacitor product development direction
Update: 2019/4/11

ceramic capacitor : ceramic capacitors will remain the dominant position in the world's capacitors market, and chip capacitors will dominate the ceramic capacitors and tantalum capacitors market. Miniaturization, large capacity, high voltage, high frequency, anti-interference and array will be the direction of the development of ceramic capacitors. 1005 type ceramic capacitor has been popular, but type 0603 products have been listed, and the 0402 type of products have been in development. At present, using thin layer and layer (600 ~ 800 layer) technology and inner electrode base metal technology, has developed a capacity of up to 100 f monolithic ceramic capacitor device, but the manufacturer has the development capacity of 200 f or even 200 mu f above the monolithic ceramic capacitor device fabrication technology.

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