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AVX power film capacitor can replace electrolytic capacitors
Update: 2019/7/1

AVX company introduced a higher temperature and pressure performance of the medium power film capacitor, can be used for DC filter and low reactance power supply. The FFVE series capacitor is a good substitute for electrolytic capacitor, which is very suitable for the application of fuel cell converter, UPS, motor driver and industrial power supply. The

FFVE capacitor is made of non - impregnated polypropylene or polyester dielectric material with a limited self - healing process, which has a very high dielectric strength. The capacitance range is between 12 F and 400 F, and the voltage is up to 1900Vdc, the operating temperature range is up to 105 degrees Celsius, and it is in accordance with the 2 level F 16-102 NF flame retardant standard.

the series capacitor has a very low stray inductance, can withstand higher surge voltage and RMS current, and has a longer life, and thus is a good substitute for electrolytic capacitors.

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