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Capacitor cover plate EPC003 

Capacitor cover plate EPC003
capacitor round cover (aluminum lid) without oil hole
The diameter of
(mm): 30 to diameter 116
terminal type: insert
terminal number: 3
insert number: 1
1. Terminal and rivet contact is good, can withstand 40N pull.
2. Terminal can withstand 0.5N torque, reverse angle change is less than 2 degrees.
3. Silicone sealing performance is good, will not crack.
4. Between the cover plate and the terminal can withstand 10s, 3000VAC, no breakdown.
The insulation resistance between the pads and the tinplate cover on the
5. Side is greater than.
note: other types of terminal, terminal number, insert the number, whether with oil holes can be produced according to customer requirements
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